Protecting Your Garden

Protecting Your Garden

Tips For Putting In A New Fence For The First Time So You Keep Peace With Your Neighbors

Ivan May

If you're used to living in homes that have privacy fences around the yard, you may feel uncomfortable when you move to a new home that doesn't have a fence. One of the first things you may want to do is have a new fence installed whether you have dogs and kids you want to contain or not. Here are some things to know about installing residential fencing for the first time without upsetting your neighbors.

Learn About Fence Regulations

When planning for a new fence, the first thing is to find out what type of fence you can have. HOA rules might govern things like whether you can have a wood or vinyl privacy fence. City codes will determine where the fence has to be placed and how high it can be in various areas of your yard. For example, the backyard may be allowed a taller fence than the front yard. Notice the types of fencing other homes in your neighborhood have and try to choose something similar if you want to blend in.

Talk To Your Neighbors

While you don't need your neighbors' permission to put a fence around your yard, you probably want their approval just to maintain good relationships with them. Explain your plans and see if they have any objections. Obtain a land survey before installing the fence and assure your neighbors that you won't encroach on their property and that your fence will be installed according to all local codes. Codes may require that your fence be a certain distance on your side of the property line in which case, you'll be responsible for maintaining both sides of the fence. Assure your neighbors that you'll keep the fence maintained properly and that you'll put the attractive side of the fence toward their view which is common fence etiquette.

Choose Your Fence Style

If you want privacy fencing, you probably want something that will stay attractive so you don't have to worry about your neighbors complaining about your fence. A good choice might be vinyl since you won't have to paint it, or wood that you keep sealed and maintained so it doesn't become an eyesore. White vinyl fences sometimes stain easily if they're sprayed with lawn sprinklers using well water that has a high mineral content. You might want a darker color vinyl so you have a sturdy and long-lasting fence that doesn't show dirt or stains easily. However, in the end, a fence on your property should please you first, and as long as you maintain it properly, your neighbors should have no right to complain about your fence.

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