Protecting Your Garden

Protecting Your Garden

Why Chain-Link Fencing Is A Prime Choice For Commercial Uses

Ivan May

When fencing in a backyard, people often consider cosmetics, first. Therefore, they tend to go with very attractive, modifiable fencing materials like vinyl and wood. But your needs for a commercial facility are a bit different. Fencing is usually more functional than cosmetic in commercial uses. Therefore, a great choice for commercial fencing tends to be chain link. Here are a few reasons why chain-link fencing is a smart choice for commercial needs. 

It's affordable.

Most commercial properties are quite large in comparison to yards. Thus, you need a lot of fencing -- and the cost of fencing per square foot can really add up quickly. Chain-link fencing is far more affordable than other options. You may be able to install this fencing without taking out a loan or financing the fencing, which will be good for your business's bottom line. You may also be able to put a fence up faster than if you were to save for a different material. This allows you to start taking advantage of the security provided by the fence a lot sooner.

You can see through it.

You want to protect your commercial property, but you don't want your land to become a local mystery because nobody can see what is behind the fence! You can see through chain-link fencing, so passersby will know your business is there. You can display signage behind the fence with confidence that it will be seen. You will also be able to see out into the world while standing outside your building but still inside the fence. This will make you and your employees feel less isolated while at work.

It can be installed quickly.

If you're like most business owners, you can't afford to close your business down for a few weeks just to have a fence put up. And you probably don't want contractors making a mess and installing a fence while customers or clients are walking by. A chain-link fence is really easy to install. Unless you have a huge piece of land, your fence company can generally install it within a day or two. You could have the installation completed on the weekend or during a holiday so you don't have to close down at all!

It does not require maintenance.

You have enough to do already as a business owner. You have meetings to attend, paperwork to complete, and phone calls to return. You certainly don't need to spend your summer painting a fence or finding a contractor to paint the fence. Chain-link fencing does not require any maintenance. You could coat it with a rust-proofing spray once it ages and the original rust-proofing agent wears off, but this is purely optional and something you'll only need to worry about once or twice.

You can modify it to prevent climbing.

If you are worried about trespassing, you may initially steer clear of chain-link fencing because it seems easy to climb. But you can modify the fence to make it less climbable. Some people fit fences with spike-like projections along the top. People won't climb because they don't want to be poked! There are also slats you can weave in between the chain links. These will make it harder for someone to get a foothold.

To learn more about commercial chain-link fencing for your business, contact a fencing company in your area. They can look over your land and give you an exact estimate for the job and also let you know how long the installation might take. Chain link is a smart choice for your fencing — for you and your business.


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