Protecting Your Garden

Protecting Your Garden

3 Ingenious Wood Fence Design Ideas To Renovate Your Landscaping

Ivan May

Is it time to give your landscaping a makeover with features that add to the value of your home. Wood fencing is a great choice of materials to use for many of the features in your landscaping. Today, there are many different choices of wood fence designs to give your home custom fencing that adds value. Here are a few ingenious wood fencing design ideas to give your landscaping a new look:

1. Wire and Chain Link Materials Framed in Wood for A Unique Fence

Chicken wire may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of an attractive wood fence for your home, but it can look great. Wire or Chain link materials can be framed to make sections of fence that you can install with wood posts. If you were looking for an affordable solution to give your home an attractive new fence, this is an excellent idea. Build the sections 8, 10 or 12 feet, and then, just attach them to the posts. Chicken wire used for agricultural purposes will be the cheapest material but less durable. If you want a more durable fence, use chain link materials or a thicker wire that is made of galvanized materials.

2. Horizontal Wood Slat Design to Give Your Landscaping Privacy and Separation

Horizontal fencing designs with wood slats are versatile and give your many options for the use of fencing. The horizontal design can be used in strategic areas to give your home more privacy, such as the entrance to a backyard. They can also be used as stand-alone sections of fencing to act as privacy screens and separators for different garden spaces of your landscaping design.

3. Using Lattice Materials for Different Features in Wood Fencing Designs

Lattice materials are a great solution for adding features like decorative transoms to the top of wood fencing. Not only can lattice be used for the decorative features of a fence, but it also has many other features. Prefabricated lattice panels can be used to create framed sections of fencing, add a more attractive look to chain link or to create separators or privacy screens in your landscaping. Lattice are available in conventional wood, as well as synthetic materials like vinyl fences.

With these ingenious design ideas, you will have an attractive new wood fence that adds value to your home. Contact a fencing contractor to get help with some of these fencing ideas when you do landscaping renovations. 


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