Protecting Your Garden

Protecting Your Garden

How To Make The Front Of Your Home Picture Perfect

Ivan May

There's nothing like driving up to your home and being proud of how pretty it is. If you have decided that it's time to make some changes in order to beautify your home, here are some ideas that will leave you with something unique and attractive.

Assess What Needs To Be Done - Are you working solo or will your spouse or partner be helping you? If you're working as a team, get your companion's help in determining what needs to be done to make your house look special.

  • Obviously, keep what you like. For example, you may already love the color of the paint on your house. If so, the walls might need to just be power washed to make them look good again. Great! That's just less work for you to do.
  • Comb through decorating magazines and through decorating books to get ideas. Another good thing to do is to simply drive through different neighborhoods to get ideas you can use for your house. 
  • Keep a folder on things you like so you can access those ideas later. Perhaps you admired a home that had a wrought iron bench as part of the landscaping. Write that down and put it in your folder as a reminder to add that to your own house.

Make A Work Plan - Decide on things that you can do yourself and make a schedule for when you'll do them. Work with a calendar or at least write down dates for different things you want to accomplish. At the same time, schedule work that professionals will do.

  • If you love gardening and you are comfortable with designing your own landscaping, select at least two days to get this job done. After you have a design, shop for plants on one day and start your planting on the next day. Hire a professional landscaper if you realize you can't do the job yourself.
  • Plan on one day for jobs like polishing door knobs, cleaning windows, painting shutters and washing walkways. If your pavement looks worn, hire a paving contractor to repair it or to replace it with something totally different. Consider flagstone for a different look.
  • Do you have a two-story home? Consider adding a separate door to the upstairs portion of your home. Circular iron stairs, such as from Lamonaca Iron Works Inc, would certainly add some drama to the look of your home. Perhaps your front porch is accessed by stairs? If so, iron ones that have a filigree design would be very attractive. Iron stair kits are easy to install and they are very affordable.

Keep a journal of the progress you are making on the beautification of your home. Later it will be fun to see how your work progressed.


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