Protecting Your Garden

Protecting Your Garden

What Can You Do With Chain Link Fences?

Ivan May

If you are thinking about putting a chain link fence up around your yard then you'll be glad to know that there are a lot of different benefits that chain link fences have to offer. Plus, there are many ways you can make changes to them so they better meet your needs and look like a more cohesive addition to your yard and house. Here are some benefits and options you have if you decide to go with chain link:

You can change your fence to a privacy fence at any time with a few simple steps

A chain link fence allows you a nice unobstructed view of everything around your property. However, you may not want this open view if you are the type of person who prefers privacy. Some ways to transform your chain link fence into a privacy one includes placing vinyl slats through the linkage. Keep in mind, you can put the slats in going up and down or diagonal so you can achieve a look you are happy with. You can grow ivy up and through the linkage or even use rolled wood to transform your fence into a natural looking one that will add privacy.

You can add decoration to the fence with certain flowers

There are different types of flowers that grow from vine-like foliage. While a lot of these plants may not have leaves large or full enough to offer you privacy, growing this type of foliage along the fence can help to give the yard a cheerful touch. If you tend to have a lot of colorful flowers already in your yard, or you plan on planting them then this may be something you want to consider doing.

You can spruce your fence up by hanging decorations on it

You can give your chain link fence a great look by hanging the decorations of your choosing on it. You can use fishing line to hang broken pieces of colored glass that have the edges filed so they are rounded. This colored glass will move in the wind causing your yard to become a fantastic and beautiful light show. If you live near the beach then you can also hang seashells from fishing line and hang the shells from the fence for a great addition to your yard.

You can disguise chain link fencing

If you like the price of chain link and you like the fact that you can still see out of your yard, but you aren't happy about the actual chain link, there is something clever you can do about it. You can attach lattice along the fence. The lattice can still be seen through, but it camouflages the fence itself. You can also get a vinyl coated chain link fence.

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