Protecting Your Garden

Protecting Your Garden

How to Make Your Chain Link Fence Attractive

Ivan May

A chain link fence provides a practical solution for partitioning gardens. However, in its raw form, a chain link fence may not look attractive in your bevy of garden beauties such as flowers, fruits, and evergreens. Fortunately, you don't have to use the chain links in their native state; you can decorate them using any of these four suggestions:

Use it to Hang Flower Pots

A creative way to make the chain link fence more attractive is to hang flower pots on it. For example, when you have partitioned your garden with a chain link fence, you can hang flower pots on the fence to add more oomph to your garden. Ensure you use lightweight flower pots so as not to damage your fence. For example, pots made from fiberglass material tend to be lighter compared to clay pots. Some of them even mimic real clay in terms of looks, but without the weight of real clay.

Use It for Climbers

You can also thread a climber through the chain link fence to get the same effect. Again, choose climbers or vines that aren't too heavy. It might take some time to get the desired effect, but the wait will be worth it. You can opt for annual flowering vines, such as morning glory and hops, or evergreen plants, such as English ivy.  Keep it in mind that you may need to trim the climbers regularly to control the plant's weight and keep it sturdy.

Paint It

Painting the chain link fence may also improve its attractiveness. You can paint it one color or different colors for different effects. Remember to prepare the surfaces of the links before painting to encourage the paint to stick properly. Don't paint the fence immediately after installing it; wait at least six months. Make sure you use rust resistant paint specifically meant for metals. The waiting period gives the fence time to weatherize so that the paint will stay on it for a long time without peeling off.

Cover It with Awnings

The last option is to cover the chain link with beautiful awnings. There are custom fence coverings designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use; opt for these covers if you don't want to keep replacing the chain link covers. In addition to making your fence more attractive, the covers will also make parts of your garden more private.

Now that you know how to make chain link fences beautiful, you can install them without worrying that your garden will lose its curb appeal. Talk to a company like Elrod Fence Co. for more information about chain link fence installation.


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