Protecting Your Garden

Protecting Your Garden

3 Creative Hand Railing Ideas For Your Deck

Ivan May

If you need to put in railing on your deck outside, you don't have to go with the most basic and traditional option. Here are a few creative hand railing options that can use to keep your deck safe and good looking at the same time.  

#1 Try Some Mixed Materials

Another option is a mix of materials to create the wrought iron rail by AJ Wrought Iron Security & Ornamental Ltd on your deck. It can make your deck look more visually appealing and interesting. For example, you can use wood for the top and bottom bars. For the individual bars in between the top and bottom layers you can use metal rods. You will get the effect of metal and wood all at once. 

Using mix media will cut down on your maintenance. You may need to stain and refinish the wood on the rail ever year or so, but you should be able to go a lot longer period of time before you have to do work on the metal bars.

#2 Use Traditional Lattice With A Twist

If you need to put up railing on your deck, a great option is lattice. However, you don't have to stick to traditional lattice for your deck. If you want something that looks a little more interesting, you can use lattice that has an untraditional pattern on it. 

For example, you can have lattice installed that has floating squares with open spaces, creating a more Asian Zen inspired feeing on your deck. You can also stain your deck any color you like, giving you a wide range of options. 

#3 Use Solid Material

Your railing does not need to have a lot of space in between each section. If you want to enclose your deck more, use a solid material and skip out on all the individual bars and rods.

If you want to be able to really take in the view from your porch, have panes of glass installed around the edge of your porch and complement it with a metal top railing. 

If you are going for more of a feeling of privacy, you can put up glazed glass panels instead. Glazed glass will allow you to let the light in while enjoying a little more privacy when you hang out on your deck.

If you need railing on your deck, don't feel like you have to be put in a corner. Use your choice of deck railing as an opportunity to make an artistic statement about your outside space. 


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