Protecting Your Garden

Protecting Your Garden

Caring For A Wooden Fence

Ivan May

The basic purpose of a fence is to mark a boundary, but a fence can do much more than that. Fences can also add beauty to your home and provide privacy by walling off your yard from wandering eyes. Wood is a durable, beautiful fencing material that can accomplish all of these purposes, but in order to get the most life from a wooden fence, you need to make sure that you properly maintain it. 

Staining vs. Painting

While some woods are naturally more rot resistant than others, you can enhance your fence's rot resistance by staining or painting it. If you want to preserve the natural color of your wood, you should consider using either linseed oil or tung oil. On the other hand, if you want to change the color of your fence to match or complement the color of your home, you should consider using a wood stain.

Some people may want to paint wood, which will also protect the wood from moisture. The problem with paint is that it will blister, crack, and peel. You can always repaint a wooden surface, but for the best-looking results, you should first remove the bottom layer of paint because the flaws in the base layer will show through to other layers. Thus, for outdoor applications, stain or oil finishes are the way to go. 

When to Apply Stain

There is no exact timeframe for when you should reapply stain. Factors that affect the life of a stain include how dry the wood was when you applied the stain, how much sun exposure the wood receives, and how much moisture your fence must endure. In general, you should re-stain your fence whenever you see signs of yellowing or fading. The longer you wait between stain jobs, the more you risk the wood fading to a natural grey or brown color. Once your wood fades, staining the fence will be less effective in creating the color you want. 

What to Do with Damaged Fencing Materials

You can extend the life of your fence as a whole by replacing any damaged posts, slats, or rails as needed. Just because a few slats on your fence are broken does not mean you have to replace your whole fence. Instead, you should replace broken pieces of your fence with a replacement part. Only replace your fence if the damage is widespread. 

A wooden fence is a great addition to your home. The natural beauty of the wood grain can be mimicked by other materials such as vinyl, but it cannot be duplicated. In order to preserve the natural beauty and the integrity of your fence, you should inspect it regularly and maintain it as needed. Contact a company like Maximum Fence for more information. 


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